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MSTC’s  Branch  Office at  Vizag  conducts regular e-Auctions of Scrap and Surplus materials for a large number of Organisations (i.e. PRINCIPALS)    periodically,  Customers desirous of participating in these e_Auctions are requested to complete the registration formalities with any  Regional / Branch Office of MSTC to get their Password for participating the same.

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  N o t eN o t e :Primarily the registered Customers eligible to participate in the e_Auctions are not required to pay any Pre-Bid EMD. Only those Highest Bidders are required to pay the pescribed  EMD / Security Deposit within the prescribed period who turn out to be successful at the close of  the particular e-Auction. In case the successful Highest Bidder fails to pay the EMD / SD within time, his Password will be deactivated thereby debarring him for a minimum period of 6 (Six) months and the unsold Lot may be put up for re-sale at  MSTC's discretion.This will be   governed by the Special Terms & Conditions of  Sale through e_Auction. 

Total Rows Found: 35
Andhra Pradesh Forest Development Corporation Limited hereby notifies the sale of 1490.847 MT of Red Sanders Wood (RSW) through international competitive bidding by way of e-tender-cum-e-auction on 29 th November and 1 st December 2017 in the First cycle Vide EA: 16095 & 16096. For more details contact TDMV Satya Sai, Sr Manager, MSTC, Ph: 9441487624.      e-Auction: MSTC/VZG/Visakhapatnam Port Trust/16/AP State/17-18/15748 have been postponed and rescheduled to 28.11.2017.
Details of forthcoming e-AuctionStart TimeClosing Time
MSTC/VZG/BHARAT HEAVY ELECTRICALS LIMITED/5/VISAKHAPATNAM/17-18/16109 24-Nov-2017:: 13:00:00 24-Nov-2017:: 16:00:00
MSTC/VZG/AIRPORTS AUTHORITY OF INDIA/3/AIRPORT/17-18/16127 24-Nov-2017:: 12:00:00 24-Nov-2017:: 15:30:00
MSTC/VZG/BHARAT HEAVY ELECTRICALS LIMITED/7/VISAKHAPATNAM/17-18/16288 24-Nov-2017:: 13:00:00 24-Nov-2017:: 16:00:00
MSTC/VZG/BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED/7/O/o GMTD ,BSNL ,VIZIANAGARAM/17-18/16921 24-Nov-2017:: 13:00:00 24-Nov-2017:: 16:00:00
MSTC/VZG/AIRPORTS AUTHORITY OF INDIA/4/AIRPORT/17-18/16406 27-Nov-2017:: 12:00:00 27-Nov-2017:: 15:30:00
MSTC/VZG/INDIAN MARITIME UNIVERSITY, VISAKHAPATNAM CAMPUS/5/GANDHIGRAM/17-18/16431 27-Nov-2017:: 12:00:00 27-Nov-2017:: 15:30:00
MSTC/VZG/INDIAN MARITIME UNIVERSITY, VISAKHAPATNAM CAMPUS/6/GANDHIGRAM/17-18/16432 27-Nov-2017:: 12:00:00 27-Nov-2017:: 15:30:00
MSTC/VZG/BHEL Industrial Systems Groups/1/Vishakhapatnam/17-18/16617 27-Nov-2017:: 13:00:00 27-Nov-2017:: 15:00:00
MSTC/VZG/GIRIJAN COOPERATIVE CORPORATION LIMITED/8/OPP VUDA PARK/17-18/17447 27-Nov-2017:: 13:00:00 27-Nov-2017:: 16:00:00
MSTC/VZG/Asst Director Mines Tadipatri/1/Ananthapuramu/17-18/4072 28-Nov-2017:: 13:00:00 28-Nov-2017:: 15:00:00
MSTC/VZG/ntpcsimhadri/7/simhadri/17-18/15273 28-Nov-2017:: 12:00:00 28-Nov-2017:: 15:00:00
MSTC/VZG/Visakhapatnam Port Trust/16/AP State/17-18/15748 28-Nov-2017:: 13:00:00 28-Nov-2017:: 16:00:00
MSTC/VZG/Assistant Director of Mines and Geology Vizianagaram/1/Cantonment road /17-18/15889 28-Nov-2017:: 13:00:00 28-Nov-2017:: 15:00:00
MSTC/VZG/COMISSIONER OF CUSTOMS, CENTRAL EXCISE & S.T.: TIRUPATI/3/CHITTOOR DIST./17-18/15904 28-Nov-2017:: 13:00:00 28-Nov-2017:: 15:00:00
MSTC/VZG/APGENCO Dr NTTPS/4/Dr NTTPS/17-18/16565 28-Nov-2017:: 13:00:00 28-Nov-2017:: 16:00:00
MSTC/VZG/ntpcsimhadri/8/simhadri/17-18/15881 29-Nov-2017:: 13:00:00 29-Nov-2017:: 16:00:00
MSTC/VZG/Visakhapatnam Port Trust/17/AP State/17-18/15961 29-Nov-2017:: 13:00:00 29-Nov-2017:: 15:00:00
MSTC/VZG/AP FOREST DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LIMITED/7/OPP RESERVE BANK /17-18/16095 29-Nov-2017:: 10:00:00 29-Nov-2017:: 14:00:00
MSTC/VZG/VISHNU CHEMICALS LIMITED/2/PARAWADA, VISAKHAPATNAM/17-18/16414 29-Nov-2017:: 12:00:00 29-Nov-2017:: 15:30:00
MSTC/VZG/HINDUSTAN PETROLEUM CORPN.,LTD., /8/SOUTH CENTRAL LPG ZONE/17-18/16668 29-Nov-2017:: 12:00:00 29-Nov-2017:: 15:30:00
MSTC/VZG/MILITARY ENGINEER SERVICES/1/VISAKHAPATNAM/17-18/16601 30-Nov-2017:: 13:00:00 30-Nov-2017:: 16:00:00
MSTC/VZG/The Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd RO Visakhapatnam/4/above Relinace Jewels/17-18/16858 30-Nov-2017:: 12:00:00 30-Nov-2017:: 15:30:00
MSTC/VZG/COMMERCIAL TAX DEPT, KURUPAM MARKET CIRCLE/1/VUDA UDYOG BHAVAN COMLEX/17-18/17011 30-Nov-2017:: 13:00:00 30-Nov-2017:: 15:00:00
MSTC/VZG/DREDGING CORPORATION OF INDIA LIMITED/22/VISAKHAPATNAM/17-18/17042 30-Nov-2017:: 13:00:00 30-Nov-2017:: 15:00:00
MSTC/VZG/AP FOREST DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LIMITED/8/OPP RESERVE BANK /17-18/16096 01-Dec-2017:: 10:00:00 01-Dec-2017:: 14:00:00
MSTC/VZG/DREDGING CORPORATION OF INDIA LIMITED/23/VISAKHAPATNAM/17-18/17043 01-Dec-2017:: 13:00:00 01-Dec-2017:: 15:00:00
MSTC/VZG/DREDGING CORPORATION OF INDIA LIMITED/24/VISAKHAPATNAM/17-18/17044 01-Dec-2017:: 13:00:00 01-Dec-2017:: 15:00:00
MSTC/VZG/COLLEGE OF VETERINARY SCIENCE TIRUPATI/1/S V VETERINARY UNIVERSITY/17-18/17033 04-Dec-2017:: 13:00:00 04-Dec-2017:: 15:00:00
MSTC/VZG/Airports Authority of India/2/RAJAHMUNDRY AIRPORT/17-18/17112 04-Dec-2017:: 12:00:00 04-Dec-2017:: 15:30:00
MSTC/VZG/AIRPORTS AUTHORITY OF INDIA/5/AIRPORT/17-18/17803 04-Dec-2017:: 12:00:00 04-Dec-2017:: 15:30:00
MSTC/VZG/Visakhapatnam Port Trust/19/AP State/17-18/16327 05-Dec-2017:: 13:00:00 05-Dec-2017:: 15:00:00
MSTC/VZG/BSNL GMTD RAJAHMUNDRY/9/RAJAHMUNDRY/17-18/17528 05-Dec-2017:: 13:00:00 05-Dec-2017:: 16:00:00
MSTC/VZG/Visakhapatnam Port Trust/20/AP State/17-18/16342 06-Dec-2017:: 13:00:00 06-Dec-2017:: 15:00:00
MSTC/VZG/Visakhapatnam Port Trust/18/AP State/17-18/15962 07-Dec-2017:: 13:00:00 07-Dec-2017:: 16:00:00
MSTC/VZG/AIRPORTS AUTHORITY OF INDIA/6/AIRPORT/17-18/17804 08-Dec-2017:: 12:00:00 08-Dec-2017:: 15:30:00
e-Auction will be opened only to parties pre-registered with MSTC. See registration & other details on Website: www.mstcecommerce.com/auctionhome


N o t e  for  Tenderers:-

  Customers desirous of participating in the Tenders are required to do so in the prescribed Tender Form / Catalogue which may be either purchased from      MSTC's Vizag Office ( Or other Branches on request) or they may download  the full set of Tender Form /Catalogue from the Website and submit the same alongwith the cost of the Tender Form /Catalogue as per the mode of Tender submission stipulated in the Tender Form /Catalogue. The cost of each Tender Form / Catalogue is Rs.300/- per set by Cash if collected by hand or Rs.350/- per set if requested through mail. The cost of the Tender Form /Catalogue should be remitted in favour of MSTC by PO / DD. MSTC will not  be responsible for any delay / loss in postal transit. .

 Cover Page & Schedule of Items - Click against respective Tender  Details given below

Offer Form & Declaration Sheet-                       Click here

 General Terms & Conditions (GTC) of Tender -     Click here

Total Rows Found: 0
Tender NoDate Of OpeningPrincipalLocationDetails of TenderMaterial ListTerms & ConditionsPhoto/ Annexure

All tenders  will be Closed & Opened at MSTC,  Vizag at 2.30 PM on respective Dates. Tender documents available against Rs.300/- (Rs.350/- by mail) per set by Cash/DD Respective Units and MSTC Offices.




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